Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Be Gone!

View of a customer's subfloor from the crawl space, before and after the mold was removed.

Goodbye Mold

This hot tub had microbial growth found on the outside of it and on the sheetrock of the room where it was stored. The source was from the heater, it had been l... READ MORE

Prolonged Water Damage in Franklin, VA

This home in Franklin, VA had an HVAC leak in their attic that went undetected for a while, which caused significant damage in the closet, hallway, and bathroom... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Local Home

Fire damage at this customer's home began as an electrical fire in a ceiling fixture in the kitchen. The before photo shows that the fire ultimately burned thro... READ MORE

Fallen Ceiling in Suffolk, VA

This home in Suffolk, VA had an upstairs toilet that leaked and caused significant water damage, which led to the ceiling collapsing on the first floor. The hom... READ MORE

Broken Water Main in Courtland, VA

This modular home in Courtland had their main water source bust, causing extensive damage throughout the customers home. We mitigated and repaired several rooms... READ MORE

Water Damage in Suffolk, VA

These photos show the result of a water heater leak in a Suffolk home that caused significant damage in multiple rooms. The after photo shows the home like new,... READ MORE

Busted Pipes in Church in Newsoms, VA

This was a result of frozen pipes that burst during a snow/ice winter storm. Caused a huge mess and a lot of repairs to be completed, but the end result speaks ... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Local Business

The roof gave way during a severe rain and wind storm wetting the ceiling tiles in this office building. Water stains on the acoustical tiles mean that the raft... READ MORE

Modular Home Storm Damage

Modular homes can be challenging to dry out. When they are built they typically start at the bottom and add layers as they build up. It can be difficult to trac... READ MORE